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"Get Immediate Access To My Building Block Formula That Can Help Make You A Much Stronger Skater, RIGHT NOW!"
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Learn How My Building Block Teaching Method Can Make You A Much Stronger Skater

I use a proven Building Block formula that can help skaters at ANY level drastically improve their skating.

Coaches Can Use My Program To Help Their Whole Team Improve Their Skating

My Coaches Program was developed with you in mind. Learn these techniques and drills and take them to your practices and skills sessions. Help your team to skate better and you'll win more games!

Learn The Five Foundational Areas Of Skating That I Teach

Our Level 1 Program Covers 5 areas of skating that will give you the core foundation needed in order to increase your skating speed, quickness and Power.

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"These techniques give my sons such a competitive advantage over practically every other kid their age, you almost want to keep these awesome "secrets" to yourself!" - Kevin O., Parent/Coach
"It's like having a professional skating and skills coach working with you all year long!" - Mike M.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
You need to get the jump on your competition
and learning these techniques NOW.
Graeme's drills and techniques will help you to develop EXPLOSIVE SPEED, QUICKNESS AND POWER very quickly if you are willing to put in the work.

Our original program was created in 2010 and we really weren't sure what to expect...

Well, the response has been awesome!

The program has helped so many players who aren't able to work with Graeme in person. It has also helped Graeme's students and players continue their work through out the year.

We decided to take this online coaching program to a whole new level.

All of the new videos are in high quality HD with large viewing windows and high quality audio.

The program is a progressive building block formula.

We start with the basic techniques that must be mastered first.

We then move on to the more advanced techniques and drills.

Everything is completely broken down so that every player or coach can apply the lessons on their own.

The program covers all of the essential techniques and the foundational lessons from Graeme Townshend's Skating System.

This is our "Basic" program and is a pre-requisite to be able to enroll in our Advanced level program coming soon.


"There are so many well-intentioned coaches out there teaching young Hockey Players how to skate. A lot of what they are teaching is "old school" from what they learned growing up.

I've seen so many coaches teaching the out-dated cross-over take-off, believing that it is the fastest way to start.

Other coaches learn from "figure/power skating experts" out there, the majority of who we believe are teaching it all wrong (i.e. the "V" start and forward arm swing)."

Well coaches, our new program will provide you with all the tools, techniques and knowledge to empower you to teach young Hockey players of all ages how to skate the right way- the way that the best NHL players are skating to give them explosive speed, quickness and power.

It is a step-by-step program to make sure the proper foundation is built before working on advanced techniques.

Our program has 5 modules, covering the essential techniques that all players should master in order to drastically improve their skating.

We have priced these courses so reasonably, so that every player and coach can afford to join!
  •  The First Program of it's kind that will give players AND COACHES direct online access to Graeme Townshend's Skating System - a system previously reserved for NHL Players and Prospects.
  • The Coach's program goes hand-in-hand with the Players program, so the more serious players on a team can enroll in the program and learn even faster.
  • Learn Graeme's building block formula to developing EXLOSIVE SPEED INSTANTLY, that top NHLers are using now.
  • The 3 step routine you can use RIGHT AWAY to develop more power in your stride.
  • The most effective drills for each technique and skill that you can start implementing right now. Graeme breaks each technique down to give you a step-by-step approach to then go and use in your practices.
  • We are currently working on the "Advanced" level of the Townshend Hockey Skating System, but that program will only be available to players and coach's who have completed the Basic level program.
You're gonna have so much fun blowing past your opponents, getting to loose pucks first and winning more games!
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30 Day Iron-clad 100%
Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, just send us an email asking for a refund, and we will be happy to give you 100% of your money back.
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